Munich Graduate School of Economics

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Why choose the MGSE

The MGSE offers outstanding young researchers an innovative and distinguished doctoral program in economics. It combines demanding course work and an early start to individual research. Doctoral students at the MGSE receive scholarships or work as research and teaching assistants. The course and research program is held entirely in English.

Furthermore the MGSE has a strong placement record for its students in the academic job market (examples in the last couple of years include Toulouse, Stockholm, Leuven, Mannheim), the governmental sector (e.g. ECB, IMF, Bank of England, Bundesbank, EU, ministries), as well as in the private sector. For more details, please see our Alumni list.

Fundamentally, doctoral students at the MGSE

  • are immersed in state-of-the-art knowledge of theoretical and applied economics that is essential at the frontier of economic research
  • obtain a profound overview of the current fields of research in different parts of modern economics
  • are encouraged to go abroad for academic purposes
  • start their own research as soon as possible and present their progress regularly in front of faculty members and colleagues
  • get in touch with the international research community in economics and—at a very early stage—become part of the research networks at the MGSE
  • benefit form one of the best structured Ph.D. programs in the field of economics in Germany
  • conduct their research in the close and well linked research cluster in Munich

The MGSE does currently not charge tuition fees for the Ph.D. program (Note: this policy might be subject to change in the future due to a proposed amendment of the Bavarian educational law).
Moreover, students benefit from the quality of research and teaching by the Department of Economics at the Ludwig-Maximilans-University (LMU), while living in the attractive city of Munich.