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Formal requirements

Please note that our programs are extremely competitive. On average, only 2-5% of all applicants per cohort are admitted.

  • We require knowledge in microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics at an advanced master's level. Hence, the standard entry requirement is a completed master's degree in economics. Exceptions from this rule are possible.
  • Students who possess a master's degree in a field closely related to economics are also welcome to apply. This includes graduates holding a degree from fields such as statistics, mathematics, physics, or other fields with a solid education in quantitative methods. In these cases, any missing graduate-level training will be specified in an individual supervision agreement, with suitable courses to be chosen from the Department's Economics Master Program. As a general rule, these courses have to be passed within the first six months of the program.
  • Degree passed with distinction. For German Universities, this means a minimum average grade of 2.5. Applicants with an average grade worse than 2.5 will not be considered.
  • In order to be employed by the university in October, students need to prove that their master’s degree will be completed by end of August at the latest.
  • Candidates are required be highly motivated to conduct independent research.
  • GRE test:
    • Every applicant is required to submit a GRE test result
    • In general, we expect applicants to score in the quantitative part of the GRE at or above the 80th percentile. In the past, the typical successful candidate scored around or above the 90th percentile.
    • We require all applicants to send their score report directly to the MGSE via the Educational Testing Service (ETS). The ETS code number of the MGSE is 1883. In exceptional cases we may accept a scanned version of your GRE score report. Screenshots of your GRE results will not be accepted.
    • For more details please visit*
  • All courses, lectures and seminars at the MGSE are held in English. Therefore, you must prove sufficient knowledge by including a TOEFL or IELTS certificate to your application, unless:
    • you are a native speaker of English, or
    • you have completed your master’s degree at an English-speaking school or university
  • Fluency in German is not required for admission.
  • For applicants who have graduated from Chinese universities we strongly recommend that you hand in an approval of your master's degree, issued by the APS (Akademische Prüfstelle) in Beijing. For more information visit*

If you have any doubts as to whether you fulfill the requirements specified above, please feel free to contact us. Answers to the most common questions are also found in our FAQs.

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