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Discrimination & Harassment Policy

The Economics Department at LMU is dedicated to providing a discrimination- and harassment-free experience for anyone at our department. This includes staff, faculty, (PhD) students, seminar participants and guests at our department.

We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment in any form, whether in person or virtual, verbally, in written or any other way.

Discrimination is the prejudicial treatment of individuals on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, race, disability, physical appearance, body size, age, religion, migratory or socio-economic background. Although anyone can be a target of inappropriate conduct, we recognize that discrimination and harassment disproportionately target certain groups, including – but not restricted to - women, people of color, or disabled people.

Harassment includes all kinds of unwelcome conduct. We define conduct as unwelcome if a person (1) did not request or invite it and (2) regarded the unrequested or uninvited conduct as undesirable or offensive. Harassment includes but is not limited to:

  • Verbal comments that reinforce stereotypes or discrimination of any kind (related to gender, sexual orientation, race, disability, physical appearance, body size, age, religion, migratory or socio-economic background)
  • Verbal comments perceived to be disrespectful or hurtful
  • Insinuating jokes, sexist behavior or remarks concerning appearance, behavior, or private life
  • The display of sexual images in public spaces
  • Deliberate intimidation, stalking, following, harassing photography or recording
  • Inappropriate physical contact or unwelcome sexual attention

The above points are expected to be minimal consensus for all of us. We expect you to follow these rules at all times.

Behavior of faculty members and LMU employees at every level that violates the above principles will not be tolerated. This includes both engagement in harassment, as well as allowing such behavior to continue.

Any kind of (suspected) discrimination or harassment is to be reported. Our action is required irrespective of whether we witness suspected harassment ourselves or receive a complaint about it from a third person.

For any case of (suspected) discrimination or harassment, please contact the LMU ombudsperson for academic staff or one of his representatives:

      Dieter Frey, , +49 89 2180 5181
      Frank Fischer,, +49 89 2180 5146
      Stefan Zahler,, +49 89 2180 77196

In addition, the LMU counseling center of occupational health services and health management can be contacted in case of (suspected) harassment, sexual discrimination or violence:

      Ellen von Rebeur-Paschwitz,, +49 89 2180 73913
      Ilse Gutmann,, +49 89 2180 73905