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We expect members of hiring committees to address potential implicit biases and to actively work on increasing diversity. This applies to all positions, including the recruitment of faculty, PhD students, MQE students and research assistants.

All members of the Economics Department are strongly encouraged to proactively share professional opportunities with women and members of underrepresented groups and to involve diverse groups of students in research as early as possible in their academic careers. The Economics Department wants to provide fair and equal opportunities for participation!

Setting specific criteria for evaluating candidates – for all levels of job vacancies and in advance of the search – allows for structured evaluations of candidates. This may help reduce the influence of implicit biases.4 Personal recommendations of other (senior) economists can be an important tool in evaluating candidates, but should be subject to the same scrutiny with regard to potential (gender) biases as any other type of subjective evaluation. Building networks in the economics profession is easier for certain groups than for others, making certain groups more likely to have advocates than others.

Likewise, when interviewing candidates, a structured approach enhances comparability of different candidates. For instance, a set of core questions that is asked in every interview can be helpful. Answers to the same questions make the performance of interviewees more comparable than answers to different questions. Interviews often involve situations where a candidate faces several faculty members. In these situations, the group of faculty members should be as diverse as possible, including heterogeneity among dimensions such as gender, seniority and nationality. All white/German/male interviewer panels should be avoided.

For any position, the hiring committee is expected to be as transparent as possible about all steps of the recruitment process.

The contact person for hiring is the Dean of the Economics Department:
     Florian Englmaier,, +49 89 2180 5642

Please contact him in case of violations of the above principles or doubts about whether they are being followed.

4 As an example of how such criteria may look like, you can find the Federal Reserve Board’s evaluation criteria for hiring economists on the AEA’s webpage (

Resources on Recruitment

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