Munich Graduate School of Economics

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Ph.D. Candidates

The Munich Graduate School of Economics is supported by the members of the faculty at the Department of Economics as well as by professors from other departments of the LMU Munich. Professor Dr. Florian Englmaier is the director of the MGSE.

The department's full professors and more than 50 researchers cover a broad range of topics in microeconomics, macroeconomics, public economics and econometrics. In addition, there are specialists in international economics and transitional economics.

The faculty represents a vivid mixture of young and well established economists, many having built up their reputation doing research work at top universities abroad. For an overview of the faculty, please also visit the website of the Department of Economics.

The doctoral students are either supported by a Ph.D. program or hold a position at one of our chairs. A list of Ph.D. students that currently hold doctoral positions at the Department of Economics can be found here.