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Financial Issues/ Scholarship

Is there any financial support for MGSE-Students?

See information about funding.

How much tuition fees are charged?

The MGSE does not charge tuition fees. Doctoral students who decide to enroll at LMU Munich have to pay a semi-annual student registration fee. However, it is not mandatory to enroll at LMU Munichh for pursuing the MGSE doctoral program.

Is it possible to study the Ph.D. program part-time?

The MGSE program is a full-time program which requires regular attendance. Moreover, doctoral positions involve a working contract, hence it is not possible to keep an additional occupation.

Is it possible to study at MGSE with external funding?

The MGSE does not offer external or self-financed doctoral positions. Note that the MGSE program is a full-time program which requires regular attendance

For Chinese applicants: I want to apply for the Scholarship Program of the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) in the field of Economics. How do the application procedures differ?

It is possible to apply for a CSC Scholarship if candidates wish to do so.

To be noted:

A support letter from a supervisor is required to apply for a CSC Scholarship. This support letter is issued at the Faculty of Economics only for candidates who have been selected as candidates for the MGSE in the regular application process. Candidates who are selected for the MGSE, however, will receive an offer of a position or a stipend - in this respect, they do not have to apply for a CSC.

In case you need more information about the CSC, please consult the website of the LMU-CSC program.

Do applicants from Chines universities need an APS certificate

Yes, applicants who have graduated from Chinese universities can only be considered if their Master's degree has been approved by the APS (Akademische Prüfstelle) in Beijing. For more information visit*

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