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Job Market Candidates

Please find below a preview of our Ph.D. candidates who are available for employment on the academic job market.
Placement Officer: Professor Davide Cantoni.
Placement Administration:

huennekes_job_market Franziska Hünnekes

Research Focus: International Finance, Empirical Macroeconomics, Monetary Policy

Job Market Paper: Exportweltmeister: The Low Returns on Germany's Capital Exports (with Christoph Trebesch and Moritz Schularick)


Curriculum Vitae

mohr_job_market Cathrin Mohr

Research Focus: Political Economy, Economic History, Cultural Economics

Job Market Paper: Carrots and Sticks: Targeting the Opposition in an Autocratic Regime


Curriculum Vitae

siuda_job_market Fabian Siuda

Research Focus: Labor Economics, Demographic Economics, Long-Run Growth

Job Market Paper: Childlessness and Inter-Temporal Fertility Choice


Curriculum Vitae