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Job Market Candidates

Please find below a preview of our Ph.D. candidates who are available for employment on the academic job market.
Placement Officer:Professor Mirko Wiederholt.
Placement Administration:

Jean-Victor Alipourjob market_alipour

Research Focus: Applied Microeconomics, Labor Economics, Political Economy

Job Market Paper: No Surprises, Please: Voting Costs and Electoral Turnout

Supervisors: Oliver Falck

Curriculum Vitae

Lavinia Kinnejob market_kinne__

Research Focus: Labor, Education, and Behavioral Economics

Job Market Paper: Good or Bad News First? The Effect of Feedback Order on Motivation and Performance

Supervisors: Ludger Woessmann, Fabian Kosse, Larissa Zierow


Curriculum Vitae

Biljana Meiskejob market_meiske

Research Focus: Experimental Economics, Political Economics, Applied Microeconomics

Job Market Paper: Queen Bee Immigrant: The Effects of Status Perceptions on Immigration Attitudes

Supervisors: Kai A. Konrad, Davide Cantoni, Florian Engelmaier

E-Mail: Biljana Meiske

Curriculum Vitae

Raisa Sherifjob market_sherif

Research Focus: Environmental economics, Development, Behavioural economics

Job Market Paper: Are pro-environment behaviours substitutes or complements? Evidence from the field

Supervisors: Kai A. Konrad, Florian Englmaier, Nishith Prakash, Lekha Chakraborty


Curriculum Vitae

Mina Taniguchijob market_taniguchi

Research Focus: international economics, labor economics, quantitative economics

Job Market Paper: What is the impact of EU enlargement?: Estimating the wage effect of labor supply shocks with a discrete choice model

Supervisors: Carsten Eckel, Lisandra Flach


Curriculum Vitae