Munich Graduate School of Economics

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Each Ph.D. candidate at the MGSE is mentored by two supervising Professors, who can be affiliated to LMU, the ifo-institute or one of the two Max-Planck-Institutes. This structure ensures that students can benefit from the close research cluster in Munich.

At the MGSE, doctoral students usually work in close cooperation with their supervisor. After independent research by the students, supervisors usually discuss the student’s research ideas, feasibility, research progress as well as potential problems on a regular basis.

Ph.D. students from department chairs or the Ifo Institute are usually assigned to one fix supervisor, while the second can be chosen. On the contrary, Ph.D. student’s form one of two programs (EBE and GRK 1928) are able to choose their supervisors after a year from the list of the affiliated professors of the respective program.